The Top 5 Non-Traditional Christmas Movies

Everybody has their own version of the Top Holiday movie list. They include the not so traditional Die Hard (1988) as well as the very traditional It’s a Wonderful Life (1946). There’s a big difference between the two movies right there!

So, in the spirit of the holidays, I give you guys my own Top 5 Non-Traditional Christmas Movies:

5: Eight Crazy Nights (2002)


Adam Sandler comes to the world of animation with this holiday classic about a drunk, Davey Stone, who has to find his emotions again.

Now, this is more of a Chanukah based movie than a Christmas one sure but it holds both traditions through out the film. Plus, y’all have to remember that Adam Sandler is Jewish, so yeah, that’s a thing.


I have pretty much always enjoyed this movie since it came out and I feel that it shares a pretty positive message to people who have lost and haven’t properly grieved;

“Allow yourself to cry and grieve, for it does not make you weak, it make you human.”

The asinine humor and shenanigans just added to your typical Adam Sandler/ Happy Madison Production movie that we all love and have come to expect.

4: Die Hard (1988)


We all knew it was going to be on this list somewhere. It’s one of the best non-traditional Christmas movies out there!


I grew up watching John McClane (Bruce Willis) kick Hans Gruber’s (Alan Rickman [R.I.P]) butt all over the Nakatomi tower before Hans took a dive. It was GREAT!


I will never give this one up as a Christmas movie no matter what people say about it. When a movie revolves around the fact that it is indeed Christmas Eve and/or Day, it is indeed a Christmas movie in and of itself, no matter the content.

“Yippee-ki-yay, motherf***er.”



3: Gremlins (1984)


Who doesn’t remember this one from the days of yonder? Gizmo and Stripe having at it, Stripe being Gizmo’s evil twin of sorts, realizing the Howie Mandel was the voice of Gizmo (Thank you IMdB).

Now, what really made this movie awesome was how those stupid little puppets really came to life for some kids. They were really the things of nightmares, especially if you had evil sisters who dragged you under your bed after watching it like my younger sister did…


One of the most traumatizing things a kid from the 80’s could’ve ever seen

Gremlins was just an amazing movie for its time and has just grown better with time as the references aged nicely and those of us who were too young to get them at first, get them now.

2: A Christmas Horror Story (2015)


Love the cheesy horror movie? Like the non-traditional Christmas movie? This is the movie!

This movie has everything! Intriguing story-line(s), Krampus, zombie elves, and William Shatner. Yes!


The Shat as ‘Danger Dan’

I was actually a little skeptical about this movie when I watched it on Netflix because of its low rating, two stars, (has jumped up to three and half stars since then!) but I was so pleasantly surprised by just how good it was and by what the ending gave me.

This was really had to put in Second place BUT, I had to give First to…

1: Krampus (2015)


A modern telling of Dutch and German folklore. LOVE IT!

I am already obsessed with Germany and their culture, so getting a movie based on a part of their shared folklore, OH MY GOD! Heck yeah!


Because snowmen weren’t already creepy, this had to happen

Then I watched it. OH MY! It was a different take, that was for sure, as Krampus typically only gets one night, much like Santa Clause, but WOW!

This modern telling was just a breath of fresh air. It tickled the senses and let people know that it was there to stay. I was thoroughly impressed and absolutely pleased with this one. So if you like a little horror in your Christmas movies, this one is a must.

What are some of your favorite non-traditional Christmas movies? Comment Below!

Have happy and safe holidays everybody!

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